16 February 2009

Welcome extreme sports fans!
Please join the site if you love extreme sports.  I've set this site up so that extreme sports fans can interact with other fans, share stories, news, and information about extreme sports.  Joining is free and easy so sign up now.

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6 February 2009

Lets get the loss out of the way by saying: yes, we should have beat Anaheim and played rather ridiculously according my my snobby, high-nosed standards. We did play, however, like we have all year, which is to say we underachieved.

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19 December 2008

Reyns Gems Weekly Dancer Pick 

Nicole of the Denver Nuggets

This scorching hot babe from Boulder has been with the Nuggets squad for three seasons now.  

She says she started dancing at the age of two, which is at least what her parents tell her. Nicole became a Nuggets dancer because she always aspired to take her dancing to the professional level and finds this the ultimate accomplishment.  

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25 July 2008

While we still await Joe's decision to stay...or not - training camp seems to be the new deadline - Avs fans have something to be excited about.

Marek Svatos signed a two year contract with the good guys, sparing a damaging arbitrition hearing and solidifying his spot as a major player for the Colorado Avalanche.

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5 July 2008

It's hard to be excited about a man that Denver Post writer Adrian Dater, quoting an Edmonton sports writer, defines as: "Not great offensively, not great defensively. Plays a safe game, kind of like Sauer."

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2 July 2008

The number one blunder in Colorado Avalanche history: Letting go of Chris Drury.

That said, the Avs have had been relatively lackluster in the period of free agency thus far.

What talent has been let go?

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